Hyde Drift Boats
As a members of the Hyde Drift Boat pro Staff we at Anglers Guide Service use Hyde Boats because of there Lightness on the water, there effortless rowing and the versitilty to move Angler positions to cater to different techniques. If you are looking for the perfect drift boat then look no farther, buy a Hyde.

Stevens Marine
Stevens Marine is the largest Alumaweld boat dealership in the United States and caters to the fisherman. If you are looking for a new power boat then let Stevens Marine take care of you and build you a custom Alumaweld boat.



Columbia River Dam Counts
Daily Fish counts over the dams of the Columbia River.



Fish Eye Soup
If you want great fishing reports from around the world then check out this site. You can find where the Bonefish, Tarpon, Steelhead, Salmon and trout are biting from day to day.

Salmon University
Salmon Univeristy is the only website ou there that is dedicated to nothing but Salmon. Check out this website for up to date fishing reports, good articles on places and techniques for salmon and a list of guides and companys in the salmon fishing world.

Steelhead University
Steelhead University is the best fishing website that is soley concentrates on Steelhead and Steelhead Fishing. Check out this site for up to date fishing reports, articles on new techniques and lists of guides and tackle companys within the steelhead world.

World Wide Fishing Guide
World Wide Fishing Guide is the most in-depth list of fishing guides and Lodges in the world. View this site for your world wide travels.



Castaway Guide Service
Adam McNamara of Castaway Guide Service works the Oregon coast for Salmon, Trout and Steelhead specializing in Flyfishing and light tackle fishing. Adam Also is the head guide at our Alaska Kingfishers camp on the Nushagak river.



Okuma Reels
The advanced technology of Okuma reels put them in the forerunner of the reel industry. Check out this site for all there latest and greatest new reels.



Redington Rods
Anglers Guide Service and Alaska Kingfishers have worked with Redington for the last two years to build what we think are the finest Salmon and Steelhead rods in the industry. We have built 15 different action to cover all the latest techniques.



Aero And Beau-Mac Jigs
David Hawken of Aero and Beau-Mac jigs has come up with what we believe are the best Steelhead and Salmon jigs in the industry. With two different styles and multiple color combinations to choose from, there won't be an fishing condition that you can't cover with Aero or Beau-Mac jigs.

Fishermans Marine Supply
If your looking for a store that has everything that you need from Salmon, Steelhead, Trout and Sturgeon tackle then go to Fishermans Marine Supply for one store that has it all.

Mad River Manufacturing
Mad River pruduces some of the best Steelhead worms and fish pills in the industry. Mad river will pour any color or toughness of worm that you desire.
They also have some great floaters called fish pills that come several different sizes and multiple colors.

Maxima Line
In my everyday fishing I count on Maxima line to catch fish for my clients because We only use the best. Maxima has there same lines that have had for years like Ultra Green and Chameloen, but check our there new Hi Vi yellow ultra green and there new no stretch Treasure line. If you fish the streams of the Olympic Peninsula and hook into giant fish in rivers with big boulders and log jams then only trust yourself with Maxima Line.

Pacwest Outdoors
Pacwest Outdoors ( Gear for the Great outdoors) offers outdoorsman the best deal on Knives, Lights and Optics for the person who spends his time in the outdoors.

Pautzke Bait Company
Pautzke Bait Company is one of the leaders in Bait, Scents and Cures in the country for Salmon, Trout and Steelhead. i have used Pautzkes Ball's o Fire eggs since I was a kid and here ii am 40 years later and it is still my favorite. Check out this web site for some great Scents and Egg cures. When you do and you fish with them you will know why guides turn to Pautzke for there Bait products.

Vision Hooks and Tackle
Vision Hooks and Tackle build the best hook on the market along with the best Swivels I have yet to see. Check Vision hooks whether your after gaint Kings or tough steelhead taken small hooks or fishing for huge halibut with circle hooks I think you will be happy with what vision has to offer.



BlackWater Trading Company
You just caught the fish of your life and you want to preserve it forever call Luke Filmer at Blackwater Trading Company. Luke specialize's in fiberglass reproductions like no one else.



Bogachiel River
Bogachiel River Near La push

Calawah River
Calawah River Near Forks

Cowlitz River
Cowlitz River at Mayfield Dam

Hoh River
Hoh River at 101 Bridge

Lewis River
Lewis River flows near Arial, Washington

Queets River
Queets River near Clearwater

Sol Duc River
Sol Duc river near Rainer Boat Ramp