One of the most used techniques in winter steelhead fishing these days is the use of Floats and rubber worms. One of my great and longtime clients Pat Allen showed me a way of articulating our worms for more movement and great hook to land ratios.
1.      Using a 1/8 once worm jig head from Hawken Fishing.
2.      Wrap a 2.5 inch or 4-inch piece (depending on length of worm) of P-line 50# Braid onto the jig head securing with a small drop of super glue.
3.      Loop a 1/0 octopus hooked onto the Braid.
4.      Cut off the back hooked portion of the jig head leaving a short ½ inch of the hook left below your wrapped braid.
5.      Now simply take your favorite Mad River worm and slowly thread it up the hook pulling the hook out just above the tail.
Fish this like you would any other jig or jig /worm combo. Now get out there and get to catching some steelhead. If you want to hear about some tackle or technique that you have always wondered about let me know and we will get it covered for you. Stay tuned for next month’s Tackle technique Tip